Workforce Wellbeing

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Our Resource for the Workforce section is to help managers manage themselves and be better role models and for staff to better manage themselves - Its not only up to the company to help. 

Pressure & Fatigue

Have you ever noticed changes in a Managers or an Employee's behaviour when the work pressure is 'On'?

It doesn't take long for behavioural changes to manifest once pressures start. In Project Management there is a term called "The Triple Constraint", where ideally 3 main areas require to be in balance. These are the Time Frames, Resources and the amount of work to complete within the timeframe. 

When being out of balance becomes the norm, from a performance perspective it becomes the 'Cripple Constraint'. Because it "...deprives the ability to function normally."

Short term pressures are more manageable, and par for the course, but longer term pressures - that's not so easy. This where personal health and wellbeing risks start to escalate.

The reduced ability to deliver upon expectations is a substantial problem and financial drain for a company.

It's why 'Personal Maintenance' is so important and worth investing in from a company and a personal perspective.