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Charleston Management Consultancy - Sth Carolina - USA

Corporate executive with extensive experience in project and program management, as both practitioner and capability developer. Significant experience in assessment of organizational project management capabilities and development of training and process improvement plans.

Wide experience in Executive indoctrination in project and program management - conducted executive workshops for more than 50 different commercial and government organizations on four continents.

Experienced in the IT field, as well as in Government contracting. Well versed in international operations, having lived and run a services operation in Germany for four years.

Specialties: * Organizational project management assessment and improvement program design.
* Executive workshops in project management
* Project Management Office design and setup planning

Georgia Henry - CEO of Henry Reed Consultancy

Georgia Henry, founder and CEO of Henry Reed, is a specialist in organisational culture with more than 20 years corporate HR, organisational development and executive leadership experience.

Georgia specialises in creating high-performing business cultures; developing and aligning people strategies with business objectives; improving operational efficiency through effective HR systems and processes, staffing structures and employee engagement; and, delivering sustainable performance and leadership capability improvements

Ravi Sahi Comsultancy - Singapore

Singapore Office: +65 1234 5678


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Our Associates are well versed with the need for developing working cultures and the simple  understanding that Staff and Management getting on together, is paramount. They are experts in the use of the Staff Motivations Analysis and guiding company's to dramatically improve their working cultures and allowing staff to perform to their best.

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