(Culture Awareness for Executives)

A Work Culture Risk Analysis tool specifically for Executives
that STARTS and MONITORS the progress of Cultural Change.

Know what really motivates your Staff - Naturally

Helping Executives & Management build upon what
Drives & Motivates their staff.





The Culture Risk Analysis identifies what prevents or limits the capacity
of these essential requirements from happening.


Obtain company-wide information - fast.

Information collected and automatically collated, shows work culture stability, staff motivational needs and the quality of staff-management relationships, all of which assist in guiding the organization to greater success by rapidly addressing dysfunctions that can undermine motivation and prove costly.

Build a stronger workforce by understanding the motivations that drive relationships.


Better management - staff relationships

Knowing employees needs gives opportunity to cultivate greater loyalty and commitment.

Identify risks and estimated costs

At a minimum employee replacement cost of $22K there are strong needs to identify and re-engage.

Enhance leadership effectiveness

See who's managing relationships well and why, then replicate, to enhance all levels of leadership.

Increase staff involvement & commitment

Quickly identify the source of dissatisfaction, and take action before more costs are incurred.


The SMA provides fast access to valuable information that paves the
way for improving staff engagement, leadership effectiveness and
reducing the significant costs associated with staff transiency.

Identify organisational strength in terms of company values adherence and alignment.

Global or local risk identification and comparison
for any level, across the entire company.  

Shows staff satisfaction by locations showing potential risks to fulfilling Company Values.

Executives and Non Executives have the capacity to easily monitor and provide employees
with feedback on the progress of new initiatives across the company


The success of any working culture, is founded in the quality of it's people and their attitudes.  Their continued motivation to perform to their best, depends upon the quality of the relationships that exist and their capacity to feel valued, whilst they achieve their personal goals.

The Culture Risk Analysis can identify the core motivational drivers of every member of staff and in doing so, help leaders to know how they can further encourage and support them.

This information is rapidly collated and clearly shows where organisational strengths and weaknesses exist.

It identifies where risks exist or are developing, across key areas such as:

- Staff satisfaction and commitment
- Leadership Behaviours (Effective & Dysfunctional)
- Company Core Values Compliance & Achievement
- Staff transiency, Disengagement  and associated costs

These insights enable focused action to further cultivate and expand or to mitigate the circumstances that impact the growth and direction of the company.

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