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Emotional Energy Management & Wellbeing Programme

Our Resource for a Company's Workforce is to help improve the capacity of Employees and Managers to better manage emotions as they perform their duties - working under pressure and stress can take its toll.  We are committed to helping people achieve their best under trying times, so these resources are for all those that work within pressure filled environments. 

The EEM Management Programme

The WFW Emotional Energy Management Programme is available for All Personnel.

The programme targets the emotional factors that negatively affect people (such as work, home and relationships), as well as the internal ‘battles’ that limit personal progress and happiness.

Lack of performance, worry, anxiety, aggression, forgetfulness and short-tempered behaviours are factors normally associated with pressure and stress and when ongoing can lead to  more serious Mental Health issues.

Because we all respond differently to similar situations, the EEM resources, guide participants on how to better manage emotions and be more resilient to their personal challenges.  

Personal Wellbeing

Included in the programme is a personal tool to help employees by identify specifically the relevant causes of deteriorations in their wellbeing. Clarity begins when there is awareness and this easy to use and effective tool offers an important step in  helping employees assess the potential risk to personal wellbeing. The programme provides a tangible process and report, that breaks-down the often overwhelming feelings that can develop as people become more stressed and makes the process more manageable. It provides a strong basis for taking action and limiting the potentially harming physical and mental conditions that can manifest.

A Personal Downloadable Wellbeing Resource:

In addition to the Self-Assessments, a comprehensive Wellbeing Resource is available for each employee to provide more approaches to improving personal wellbeing. 

Organisations are a joint venture between Employer and Employee and together they have a responsibility towards each other; and by both taking action and using resource like what is presented here, they can make great things happen, even under great challenge - like we are all facing at the present time.  

What you Receive:

Comprehensive EEM Wellbeing  Ebook
Sleep Improvement Booklet
Personal Action Plan
MP3 Deep Relaxation Audio
MP3 ZAPNAP Rapid Relaxation Technique

The Benefits:

Improve Sleep Quality
Reduce Stress Levels
Increase Energy Levels
Greater Clarity in Thinking
Calmer & Improved Relations
and much more...


Select a Self Assessment

The Workforce Wellbeing Programme provides effective methods to overcome stress and its negative consequences.

Lack of performance, anxiety, aggression and short-tempered behaviour are factors normally associated with stress. 

However, uncaring attitudes, fear,

excessive eating, constant tiredness or sickness and a host of other disorders can also result. Of concern too is the World Health Organisation’s forecast

that by 2020 stress will be the western world’s most prevalent ‘disease’. The Advanced Stress Management Programme is designed to help.

It targets the environmental factors that affect you (such as work, home and people), as well as the internal ‘battles’ that limit personal progress and

happiness. Because we all respond differently to similar situations, the advanced methods used in the programme demonstrate how you can manage your own

specific ‘stressors’.

We lead you through this private process as you address your own approach, thoughts and reactions to certain circumstances. You learn techniques that give

you greater control and understanding when confronted with a variety of scenarios. The ‘tools’ are simple, effective and easy to use. Ultimately, they reduce your levels

of stress and improve your health, your relationships and your coping abilities.

If this is you, then what you are currently doing isn't helping - it's adding to your dilemma. However, have noticed that your thoughts haven't stopped - they just keep coming, regardless of whether the thoughts make sense or not. Your mind doesn't seem to run out of energy.  Well for most people anyway, this is what happens - they just can't switch their mind off - there's no "Off Button".  

This is why there is a need to actually do something. Something different to help yourself because the social activities, the eating and the drinking and the moaning about it to friends, doesn't help for the longer term. It may help you avoid temporarily what you are going through, but it's short lived - then your back to square one.

The something different we are referring to, are learning about and doing things (taking focused action) that will make a difference to your self and what you may be experiencing and take you in a direction that offers new perspectives and renewed motivation.  

But first there is a need to take stock of where you are at and so there are 2 personal self assessments and a set of resources available to you, courtesy of your company. 

When an assessment is completed the results shown are intended to help gain a greater understanding and the resources available for you to access, can direct any actions towards helping yourself.

These Self Assessments are Totally Private - NO ONE gets to see them without your permission.

Pressure & Stress affects you
in many different Ways:

Have you ever noticed changes in a Managers or an Employee's behaviour when the work pressure is 'On'?

It doesn't take long for behavioural changes to manifest once pressures start. In Project Management there is a term called "The Triple Constraint". It's represented by an equilateral triangle where all sides are the same - there is balance. At work you try to keep everything in balance but 1 or 2 of the sides are not the same and cause imbalance which affects you mentally and physically. This Self-Assessment helps you to identify precisely what is out of balance from Your perspective.

When emotions get the better of you 
it can lead to more serious consequences

Getting to understand what emotions are driving you and your capacity to function normally is a lot easier than you may think.

It does however, require courage and drawing from strength resources you didn't know you had. The feelings can be overwhelming and finding your way through doesn't have to be done alone...........