An employee-centric programme that identifies risks to
Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health and Performance

Innovative, proven self-assessing tools to help manage risks to emotional wellbeing

The Workforce Wellbeing programme gives your employees the tools to self-assess their emotional wellbeing across a range of criteria where if present, could lead to more serious mental health problems.

Importantly the analysed scores are also offered in a Personalised Wellbeing Report and highlight the risk levels to the individual and clearly shows the need as to whether they should seek help from the employer or other related health professionals. The report can be used to aid such sessions.

Poor Mental Health isn't always visible

You never know who you work with. 

As Shakespeare put it, "All the the world's a stage and all the men and women, merely players." At work we perform our duties despite, the hurts and tribulations we experience behind the scenes. Many can cope and many more cannot, and yet out of fear, they act out their part flawlessly, until they can no longer and this is the real tragedy, because there is help available in many forms.  

This Emotional Energy Management programme (EEM) offers employees easy access to personally identify, assess and act upon the real issues and challenges, that impact their wellbeing.

The Self Assessments are Totally Anonymous

It's a tough subject for many to talk about
and taking action can be difficult.

So we have made it easy for employees to take action because, left to their own devices, many people are confused on where to start because the emotional experiences can be so varied or all-consuming. 

The Wellbeing "EEM" programme is designed to help employees. It is a good place to start, as it offers personal strategies that employees can actually use and it's an experiential process for aiding and improving wellbeing.

Let Us Show you:

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